1. Purpose
The foundation for this policy is that diversity fosters innovation, creativity and profitability. 
2. Scope
This policy is valid within the entire Essity organisation, including all legal entities within the Essity Group. 
3.1. Principles
Diversity increases the awareness of the company’s organization and business and is considered to result in a more efficient organization. Therefore, Essity shall in particular consider the interest of diversity and breadth amongst its employees and strive for gender equality.  
All co-workers shall be treated with dignity and respect and be offered an opportunity to develop in their career.  
Essity values and promotes increased diversity amongst its co-workers.  
All employees and board members will be recruited, selected, evaluated and promoted on the basis of objective criteria without regard to their gender, marital or parental status, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, religious belief, political affiliation, age, disability or other categories protected by applicable law.
3.2. Description of policy
The policy shall be interpreted and applied in the light of Essity’s Code of Conduct and legislation pertaining to gender equality or diversity, as in force from time to time.