Your career development is not one dimensional; it can be experienced in different ways. At Essity, we believe every career is unique and that the most effective way to develop your capabilities is through a combination of learning through experience through theory and through others. Essity strives to offer new opportunities for you to develop and realize your full potential. 

A career with us has several dimensions. Regardless of whether an employee wants to develop within their current role, change job or take greater responsibility within the organization, we aim to help employees achieve their ambitions in harmony with the company´s business needs. 

Global Performance System (GPS) 

At Essity, we want everyone to see how they contribute to our company’s results; therefore, performance management is essential. The GPS is Essity’s way of empowering our employees through responsibility and recognition. Our uniform performance review process strengthens the culture of openness and transparency that already characterizes Essity. It´s about creating the best possible match between an employee´s performance and aspirations and being successful within the strategic goals of the organization. 

Individual Development Plan (IDP)  

Individual Development Plans (IDPs) play an important role in people development and in enabling employees to grow to their full potential. Everyone is encouraged to develop capabilities required for current and future positions, taking the driver’s seat in their own development, with the our support. Our leaders have a genuine interest and understanding of people, recognize individual differences, the importance of empowerment, provide the tools to equip others and deliver opportunities to succeed.  


To ensure our employees get the development they need we use the 70/20/10 training model for learning and development. Through research and surveys, we see that working adults learn most of the knowledge and skills needed for their jobs in the workplace, not in the classroom. 70% of training is done on the job providing you with real day-to-day experience, 20% comes from interaction with others and 10% from formal trainings. 

Career Compass 

Career Compass allows you to explore options to drive your career in-line with your aspirations. Whether you are looking for inspiration to develop in your current role, seeking a broader perspective on your career, or if you are curious about another position, the Career Compass will help. Here you can explore different roles and experiences to guide you in your development and IDP discussions. 

Learning Compass 

While you drive your career development, we are there to support your journey. Essity’s Learning Compass is a tool to help you learn, develop, and grow. This provides a go-to place to explore learning opportunities to fit your own personal career journey. As you take control of your own career development, the Learning Compass can help provide what is needed to achieve success.