Incontinence Products Retail
In Incontinence Products Retail, with the globally leading brand TENA, Essity offers a broad range of incontinence products including Lights by TENA for light incontinence and TENA for Men, incontinence products specially designed for men. Essity also sells leakproof apparel under the TENA, TENA for Men, Knix and Modibodi brands. For the Knix and Modibodi brands, the majority of sales are “Direct-to-Consumer”. The TENA brand also has its own webshops developed to help our consumers with information about incontinence and the solutions available, and to order and have products delivered. Essity is the second largest player globally in Incontinence Products Retail and the market leader in Europe and Latin America. In Asia, Essity is the third largest player and the fourth largest in North America.

Baby Care
In Baby Care, Essity offers open baby diapers and pant diapers as well as baby care products such as wet wipes, shampoo, lotion and baby oil. In 2022, Essity launched a climate-smart diaper consisting of a washable cloth diaper and absorbent insert

Essity is the fifth largest player globally with sales mainly in Europe and South East Asia. In Europe, Essity is the second largest player with the Libero and Lotus brands, as well as retailer brands. Essity’s strongest market is the Nordic region, where the Libero brand is the market leader. In South East Asia, Essity is active under the Drypers brand and is the market leader in Malaysia.

Feminine Care
In Feminine Care, Essity offers a broad product portfolio that includes pads, panty liners, tampons, intimate soaps, intimate wipes, leakproof apparel and menstrual cups.

Essity is the fifth largest player globally with several strong regional brands supported by Essity’s global brand platform for shared innovation, marketing and consumer insights. In Europe, Essity is the third largest player with brands such as Libresse, Bodyform and Nana. Essity is the market leader in Latin America with the Saba and Nosotras brands. In Australia, Essity is the market leader with Libra, TOM Organic and Modibodi. Libresse is also the brand used for Feminine Care in Asia, where Essity – through its majority ownership in Vinda, is the tenth largest player. Through the acquisition of Knix in 2022, Essity is also represented in Feminine Care in North America with the Knix brand.

Consumer Tissue
In Consumer Tissue, Essity offers toilet paper, household towels, handkerchiefs, facial tissues, wet wipes and napkins. Essity is the world’s third largest supplier of consumer tissue, with a presence primarily in Europe, Asia and Latin America. In Europe, Essity is the market leader with brands such as Lotus, Tempo, Zewa, Cushelle and Plenty, and under retailer brands. Essity is the market leader in China and Asia through its majority shareholding in Vinda with brands under the same name. In Latin America, Essity is the third largest player with the Regio and Familia brands.

Intimate Hygiene includes the categories Feminine Care and Incontinence Products Retail. The fastest growing product segment in Intimate Hygiene is leakproof apparel. Following the acquisitions of Knix and Modibodi in 2022, Essity is the global market leader within leakproof apparel* with the goal of being the world’s fastest growing company in Intimate Hygiene.

Essity has also launched the Issviva brand, which is aimed at women experiencing menopause. Issviva is an innovative global e-commerce platform that provides knowledge and solutions for women experiencing menopause. Issviva’s product range consists of vitamins, minerals, supplements and intimate hygiene products that complement Essity’s existing incontinence and feminine care brands.

*Estimate based on market data compiled by Essity