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Greater impact can be achieved by collaborating with organizations that share the same ambition to improve global hygiene and health. We engage in initiatives where we can best contribute and these must be politically and religiously independent, as set out in Essity’s Community Relations Instruction.

We work with partners to gather and share knowledge and insights, using our different perspectives, competency and resources, with a view to find solutions to global societal challenges and to drive change, for example by raising hygiene and health standards, thereby improving well-being of millions worldwide. Our work with awareness raising and breaking taboos is another example of how Essity can be an actor in the global public debate around issues related to hygiene, health, and well-being. 

Essity/UNICEF partnership “Hygiene is our right”

In the last 3 years more than 80,000 children and adolescents in Mexico have benefited from the "Hygiene is our Rights"-program.

Through the program Essity together with UNICEF promotes awareness of the importance of good hand hygiene and works to break taboos around menstruation in Mexico. The program aims to improve health habits among children and adolescents through better menstrual hygiene and WASH practices, raise awareness among educational authorities, mothers, and fathers about the importance of these issues and contribute to shape public policy. The Essity brands Saba and Tork are participating in the project. Essity and Saba have collaborated with UNICEF in Mexico since 2016 to increase dialogue about menstruation and hygiene issues among young.

The United Nations Foundation
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Global Handwashing Partnership
Hygiene and Health Report – a partnership with the Sanitation and Hygiene Fund

As a mean of contributing to the global dialog on improving hygiene and health, drive societal progress and enable solutions, we have over the past 14 years regularly published “The Hygiene and Health Report” in cooperation with the Sanitation and Hygiene Fund (SHF). Read more here.