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Insights through Surveys and Reports


As a leading global hygiene an health company, Essity has gathered knowledge and insights to drive a global dialogue about the strong connection between hygiene, health and well-being.

Since 2008 we have done research globally and gathered cases, insights and expert voices on topics around menstruation, incontinence and public and personal hygiene and health. With these insights we want to generate awareness around the challenges and opportunities we have to improve hygiene and health standards for people and society. On this site, you will find links to the most recent global surveys and reports.​


The Green Response Report 2020-2021

The lifestyle changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 were sudden and significant. The Green Response report aims to understand if the lifestyle changes demanded by the global pandemic have impacted the way in which international communities feel and behave towards the environment. Has the wellbeing of our planet dropped down the priority list? Or has the pandemic strengthened our determination to safeguard its future?

About the Hygiene and Health Survey

In this global websurvey, we gather insights from general public from ~15,000 respondents in 15 countries aged 16-85 years. The most recent Hygiene and Health survey covers a wide variety of topics from sustainability, public hygiene, incontinence and menstruation, and general health stigma’s. This study highlights attitudes, behaviors and mindsets around a broad range of hygiene and health areas. The field research was carried out Dec 2019 to Jan 2020, and was complemented in July 2020 with a deep dive in 10 countries around hygiene and health questions around the Corona pandemic.​

About the Hygiene and Health Reports

We offer insights by combining research findings, statistical evidence, successful cases and testimonies from people whose voices are rarely heard. We also highlight solutions and actions that we find critical for improving hygiene and health standards across the globe and for every part of life’s course.

Sheba Varghese’s key insights from latest survey

Listen to a short video interview with our Sheba Varghese, VP Communications Consumer Goods, on key insights and interpretations of the findings of the findings of the 2020-2021 survey.

There are both deeply human and real business benefits to investing in hygiene and health.
Joséphine Edwall-Björklund, Senior Vice President Communications
Hygiene & Health Insights 2020-2021

Scroll through our infographic to get the highlights of the 2020-2021 results in a nice visual flow.

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Listen to the our podcast series

We have also integrated the survey results into our podcast series covering several topics of the survey with external speakers and Essity experts.