We celebrated Global Safety Week with a multitude of local activities in our offices and factory sites across the globe focusing on workplace safety, health and well-being. We believe by avoiding unnecessary mistakes in the work place we can ensure healthy and happier working lives for all employees. The initiative places a focus on building knowledge, capabilities and raising awareness for what matters most: to be able to recognize and eliminate risks before they become accidents and to look out for each other. 

This year’s theme is “we are all safety leaders”, building off of the previous year’s theme. By equipping ourselves to be able to recognize safety issues in and around the work place we reduce the risk of accidents across Essity.

Essity’s safety highlights:

• There has been  a drop in minor incidents and LTAs (loss time accident) over the past 12 months

• Internal feedback is increasing on unsafe conditions and behaviors 

• Sites are showing great improvements due to the ongoing good work around improving safety and becoming more aware of safety issues in general. 

Essity Celebrating Global Safety week across the world