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Products Talk Sustainability

Why not let our own products talk about how they contribute to do more from less, become circular and improve the well-being of both people and nature? The creative characters we have given our products are fictive and set in imaginative settings. They highlight some actions they have taken to reduce their environmental impact and improve the well-being of people.

For more details on the overall Essity sustainability approach and business strategy and objectives in this area, see our Annual & Sustainability Report.

The Smooth-Talking Toilet Paper

Find out how innovation in toilet paper design contributes to a more sustainable future.

The Expert Wound Dressing

Find out how innovation in wound care contribute to avoid the spread of infections and bacteria.

The Reinvented Paper Towel

Find out how innovation in paper towels and dispenser solutions reduce waste and transport.

The Chatty Baby Diaper

Find out how innovation in baby diapers reduces carbon footprint and improves well-being of families.

The Resourceful Incontinence Pant

Find out how innovation in incontinence protection reduces waste and improves care.

The Period Pad Activist

Find out how innovation and education in feminine care contributes to sustainable progress.