Simpler everyday life 

Essity’s products and services cover all phases of life and benefit both individuals and society as a whole. We share our knowledge of hygiene and health by educating young girls and promoting an open dialogue about menstruation, using our Feminine Care expertise. Within Incontinence Products, we increase awareness and participate in high-level dialogues such as the Global Forum on Incontinence (GFI). Within Professional Hygiene, we provide education about hand hygiene and participate in Private Organizations for Patient Safety (POPS), a WHO initiative.

It is when we combine our expertise with Essity’s main development platforms – well-being, more from less, and circularity – that we maximize value. Each Essity brand has its own purpose and function but all work with these platforms to create sustainable value for customers and consumers.

Safe products

Essity follows strict requirements and procedures to ensure that all materials in our products are safe for consumers, employees and the environment.

We have a global product safety policy in place to ensure that the products we produce are safe for their intended purpose. We also work closely with our suppliers to ensure that our high standards are met.

Global dialogue 

With our Essentials Initiative concept, we are conducting a global dialogue to increase awareness of the importance of hygiene and health and its link to well-being. Two integral aspects of the Essentials Initiative are a global survey of attitudes to hygiene and health and a report.