By integrating life cycle assessments (LCA) into our innovation work, we can monitor how we improve the environmental profile of our innovations. This includes resource efficiency from suppliers and our own production, superior materials, as well as smarter product design. One example is our underwear-like and thinner TENA pants, where we have reduced the carbon footprint by a third since 2008. 

We strive to use less resources while at the same time maximizing the customer value to achieve greater performance and resource efficiency. This allows us to better meet the needs of both mature and emerging markets.

Many of our products and services help customers and consumers achieve more from less. Our TENA solutions concept aims at optimizing product use and by that reducing waste and minimizing the risk for leakage. Thinner diapers and feminine care products help reduce resource usage at the same time as delivering better or the same performance. 

Going forward, we will broaden our collaboration with customers to even better understand how we can support their environmental strategies and targets. Ultimately, all Essity products and services will be designed to promote sustainable consumption and behaviors, where everything is utilized and nothing is wasted.