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Alternative fiber

We are one of the world’s largest tissue manufacturers and we are now integrating alternative fiber as a complement to fresh and recovered fiber as raw material in our production. Essity is the first and only company in Europe that produces high quality pulp of straw. For this purpose, a unique 8,000 square meter facility was built in the Mannheim facility in Germany, which sets new industry standards.

The new cellulose made from straw is as soft, tear-resistant and highly absorbent as conventional cellulose made from wood fibers. It is processed into high-quality hygiene products from the market-leading consumer brand Zewa. The process will enable a reduction in the use of water and energy while the by-product of the integrated pulping process will be further refined to serve as a substitute for oil-based chemicals. Globally, half of all straw goes unused. By using this agricultural by-product and making it into high-quality pulp, we become more circular and can offer our consumers a tissue product with less climate impact.

“To support our sustainability ambitions, we continuously assess new production methods. This is one example of how innovation can contribute to a sustainable and circular society,” - Magnus Groth, Essity’s President and CEO.

Essity has signed a license agreement securing exclusive rights to a new technology to produce pulp from alternative fiber that will have the same quality as conventional wood-based pulp at a competitive cost. The source of the fiber is agricultural byproducts such as wheat straw which is often made into compost or incinerated.