Improved energy efficiency is an integral part of daily life at Essity. ESAVE is a program that encompasses investments in energy-efficient technical solutions, the involvement of employees in daily improvement activities and a general change in attitude toward the use of energy at Essity. Knowledge sharing is leveraged across the Group through training and various networks, and ESAVE is part of several onboarding programs for young engineers. Best practices are shared digitally, in real time, to achieve energy-efficiency excellence by learning from others. Essity also cooperates with external stakeholders, such as machinery suppliers, to ensure continued leadership in energy efficiency and continuous improvements. All new equipment is energy efficient by design and ESAVE is part of the planning criteria.

A typical ESAVE project could involve reducing electricity consumption by improving or replacing pumps, compressors, fans or lighting, or by optimizing thermal drying processes. Experiences are documented and provide effective support for future improvement efforts.