As we head into month eight of the coronavirus pandemic, with flu season upon us, and with colder weather making it more difficult to be outside, we are recognizing Global Handwashing Day (October 15) by reminding people that it’s still vitally important to remember to wash your hands, and that proper technique is critical.

Global Handwashing Day is an annual initiative by Essity’ partner, the Global Handwashing Partnership, and this year’s theme is “Hand Hygiene for All,” For Global Handwashing Day, Essity is shining a light on hand hygiene behaviors, motivating the public to protect their own health and the health of others.

Over the past year we have developed many useful resources to help drive home the critical hand hygiene message for adults, children and businesses:

  • For teachers: Handwashing Works hand hygiene education program – Essity’s free, downloadable, comprehensive resource for PreK through 2nd grade educators to use when delivering handwashing education in their schools – whether school is in person or remote.
  • For businesses: Tork® Clean Care – Comprehensive hygiene solutions for industries including: healthcare, education, manufacturing, offices and food service.
  • For healthcare: Tork® Hand Hygiene Training (Virtual Reality) ꟷ Presents a comprehensive hand-hygiene solution based on the WHO’s 5 moments for Hand Hygiene designed especially for infection prevention in healthcare facilities.

According to Amy Bellcourt, Vice President of Communications for Essity in North America, “Global Handwashing Day is a timely opportunity for us to hit the ‘reminder’ button on our own hand hygiene practices. As some aspects of our lives – work, school, sports – resume even in a restricted capacity, we are still in a public health crisis. Remembering to stay vigilant with handwashing with soap and thorough drying, especially as flu season and colder months approach, should be an even greater priority for all.”