Women, Let’s Rise aims to ignite the fire within every woman to power up, step out, and empower the world with her presence,” says Armitage. “This book is important because it celebrates the success that can be achieved when a woman finds her voice and power to drive change in her life.”.

As the formal synopsis states: Women, Let’s Rise is a moving collection of personal journeys, insights, and wisdom, encouraging women to use their natural talents of self-reflection, connection, and collaboration to influence and inspire social change––working towards a world where women are fully valued for their energy and contribution. The book teaches acceptance of others and is a display of female encouragement. It is filled with business, career, management, purpose-driven, and communication tactics- it truly has something for every woman.

Armitage’s chapter focuses on women being great leaders in a ‘man’s world.’ Armitage states, “The problem is that women do not believe they can ‘do it all,’ and this is a narrative that we need to change.” She adds, “Personal success isn’t achieved by choosing to have a career or a family. It occurs when an unrelenting support system upholds a woman’s goals in all areas that matter. Women shouldn’t be quiet about what they need for their success. When we let people know what we need, many are willing and happy to be part of that support.” She further goes on to discuss her experiences both in her personal life and in her career.

Armitage joined Essity (formerly SCA) in Oakville in 2002, and over the last 18 years, has risen through the ranks to Senior Sales Manager. She oversees Canadian sales (Ontario to Newfoundland) for Essity’s Professional Hygiene business unit, which produces the Tork® brand of paper products – napkins, tissues, paper towels, toilet paper – for offices, schools, hospitals and the foodservice industry. In Canada, Essity has manufacturing operations in Drummondville, and sales operations in Oakville.

“I applaud Lori’s contribution to Women, Let’s Rise. Her contribution to the book will encourage a new generation of women to find their voice and create change,” said Matt Urmanski, Vice President Sales & Marketing for Essity’s Professional Hygiene business in North America. “I’m also pleased the book will be released on the UN’s International Day of the Girl. As a partner to the United Nations Foundation, Essity is an active participant in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals where Goal #5, Gender Equality, is one of our focus areas. Launching Women, Let’s Rise on this day reinforces the importance of female empowerment as part of vital gender equity work.”

Click here for an exclusive interview with Lori discussing her chapter, her inspiration and what it's like working for Essity: https://youtu.be/wsi2xPF0FRQ

Women, Let’s Rise will be available on October 11, 2020 on Amazon , Target , as well as Golden Brick Road Publishing House . All are also accepting pre-orders.