The Take Back the Lunch Break campaign for Essity’s Tork professional hygiene brand won for Best Tissue Marketing Strategy. This North America campaign aimed to educate and change behaviors around unspoken truths and fears about lunch breaks and their impact on worker engagement and productivity.

The campaign resulted from two business trends in North America: restaurants’ lunchtime business was declining, leading to a decreased need for napkin products, and office workers were taking fewer and shorter lunch breaks. Essity commissioned a national survey in North America to investigate lunch behavior at work and how this influences productivity and job satisfaction. The data from the survey demonstrated lunch breaks are beneficial for employee productivity and happiness.

Our tissue Mill in Lucca, Italy, was awarded Best Energy Aware Mill. Their extensive energy saving programs were recognized for their involvement of all people in the mill, the behavioral change programs that were initiated, the strategic commitment to long-term Co2 reduction and the dedication to reach for the highest certifications and accreditations on sustainability.

“Both of these awards link to our sustainability work. By educating people and addressing hygiene and health issues we focus on well-being while the efforts to energy use who our commitment to create more from less”, said Magnus Groth, CEO of Essity. “These activities are only two of the many within Essity’s Sustainability.

Left to right: Luca Amato ( Customer Marketing Director Essity PH), Magnus Groth ( President& CEO of Essity), Antonio Zanframundo (GHS Italy Operations Director), Laura Deni(Communications Manager Essity Italy), Volker Zöller ( President Essity Consumer Goods), Riccardo Trionfera( Commercial Director Italy Essity PH).