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Greater Understanding & Inclusive Societies

Many people globally are excluded from daily work, school, sports and other social activities due to cultural stigma, taboos or lack of confidence. Many isolated with shame around incontinence or punished for having periods. This is not ok. 

Through insight research, educational awareness and key partnerships we push the global conversation, so people feel comfortable and empowered to seek help and find solutions that help to take part in life. Since many years we advocate for period rights and female empowerment. 

We show that incontinence is way more common than most people think and destigmatize gender roles for hygiene and cleaning. We drive awareness on the importance of de-idealizing the ‘perfect body’ and gender-neutral raising of children around hygiene roles at home. 

We don’t like stereotyping in relation to gender, obesity, generation shifts and disabilities and liberate people so they can live active and dignified lives. We advocate for diversity, equality and inclusion in our own culture as well as in society.

Launching Issviva

Essity is launching Issviva - a breakaway unit within Essity, with fierce credentials as creators of Bodyform and TENA. The aim is to focus on supporting and understanding women transitioning through the life stage of menopause.

Issviva provides you with the tools, goods and latest learnings for a better menopause experience, enabling control and readiness for this new life phase.


Download the education pack here


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