“We want our Alumni to know they have a place at essity, even after they leave. We value their insights and ideas. When considering this initiative, we noticed that there were a number of small groups driven by alumni or we were missing out on a great opportunity to continue our relationship with former employees.” Cathy Andréasson Employer Branding Manager

So, what do the Alumni get out of the Network? 

Today, Essity's Alumni Network offers a number of key features, including; Essity related news and videos, press and insight articles and job opportunities. We want our current and former employees to be proud brand ambassadors for Essity. We try to engage with our alumni and ensure the benefits of staying in touch for both current and former employees. The alumni network provides many unique benefits to former employees that cannot be had or seen anywhere else. The alumni have access to current industry news and content, giving our alumni company insights market insights, business trends and updates in the health and hygiene industry. The alumni network also allows our alumni is to connect with colleagues who still work for the company and exchange ideas and stories. We hope this foster stronger relationships between industries, providing insights that may have otherwise been missed and collaboration opportunities.  Eventually we see the possibility for discounts and promotions, as well as alumni events and volunteer opportunities. 

 “While lifetime employment may be over, a lifetime relationship with… employees can endure.”   LinkedIn’s co-founder/chairman, Reid Hoffman

With videos from events and campaigns, to press and insights articles there is wide array of different features available for our alumni. In 2018 the network will be expanding, with additional exclusive offers and improved ways to network. With additional features to the Alumni Network, we hope to build on the already growing foundation put in place in 2017.

What does Essity get out of the Alumni Network?

We know the demand for talent is a growing, and the fight for highly skilled contingent workforce talent is even more prevalent for businesses. This is why Essity’s alumni have access to hand-picked job opportunities. We want to make sure our Alumni know that we welcome them back. We believe new solutions and insights are cornerstones of innovation and we recognise our alumni come back with fresh ideas. Returning alumni contribute in many different ways, by promoting cross-function ways of working, introducing us to new concepts and new processes and by being advocates of adaptation and innovation. The Alumni Network also allows Essity to stay in touch with former colleagues who may been looking to re-join the Essity team with new and different ideas. 

We also gather insights, with some of our alumni actively participating in focus group and surveys. The results of which help inform and guide many decisions within Essity globally. The combination of our alumni’s previous knowledge of Essity with their new career journey experiences provide invaluable insights and improvement opportunities and we couldn’t be more thankful for their participation!

So don’t wait, sign up and join your colleagues in the Essity Alumni Network today!

Current employees, interns, former employees and contract workers are all invited to join. As the network grows so will what we offer. Stay connected with our LinkedIn group and sign up to our monthly newsletter to get started and join the conversation!