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Creating a work environment that encourages equality and openness with senior management

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Warm welcomes and open doors are a focus at Essity, with the comfort to speak honestly with managers and make strong connections.

Chase works as a Campaign Optimisation Manager on the Global DME team and he’s been at Essity, a world leading global company in health and hygiene, for a little over six years. In his current role, he sits on this Global Team and acts as the go-between for the global organization and the local markets. His job is to manage the global campaigns from a local level.

Putting digital at the forefront is crucial; the way we’re working has changed and people are doing more business online, so having an online presence is more important than ever. Essity is making that shift which is exciting

- Global creates the overarching campaigns and I work with our local market to ensure they’re appropriate for the market and meet our needs. I also provide feedback from the local market back to global so we can be as efficient as possible. On our team we have four Campaign Optimization Managers and I’m responsible for North America, so I support the US and Canada for any of our digital campaigns.

Chase joined Essity through the GO! Programme with rotations that helped him decide where he wanted to end up.

- I entered Essity through the GO! Programme but my experience was a little unique. I was already working in the professional world as opposed to coming in from my undergrad. I wanted to get into Marketing, so went back for my MBA. Once I graduated I saw the posting, applied for the job and then got the position as part of the GO! Programme for North America. This required a rotation between three different positions. Initially I was with the eBusiness team supporting website analytics and creating reports for the marketing department. I was in that position for about 6 months and then I rotated to the healthcare side of the business where I joined the marketing department as the digital analyst for the B2B department. I was also in that position for roughly 6 months. Finally, I transitioned to the retail side where I assisted with some of the consumer campaigns, also for 6 months. At the end of my rotation I had the opportunity to choose between the three departments (based on need) and I chose to go back to healthcare. I served as the Digital Marketing Manager for a few years on the local team, and then about a year and a half ago I joined the Global DME Team.

- Going through the Programme was really beneficial for me. I was able to get a holistic view of the company, seeing all sides of the business. Getting to know everybody in the different departments was also great; it allowed me to have friends and connections in multiple departments.

Chase explains more about the open and warm culture at Essity, where there’s a focus on being able to be your authentic self at work.

- One of the things that jumped out to me when I first joined Essity was the culture and the way senior leadership interacts with employees. I had such a great experience here, there was always a warm welcome and great relationships with senior management which has encouraged me to stay with Essity for this long. You don’t feel the hierarchy you often feel at other jobs.

Chase also touches on the digital journey at Essity and the ways that they are innovative in their business approach.

- There’s been a digital shift over the last few years, especially since the pandemic. My team is in place to help run the digital campaigns, which shows Essity’s commitment to the digital space. Putting digital at the forefront is crucial; the way we’re working has changed and people are doing more business online, so having an online presence is more important than ever. Essity is making that shift which is exciting.

If someone new was joining Essity, Chase would share the following advice with them:

- I would definitely encourage someone to join Essity, there’s plenty of room for advancement and learning new things. The company culture is really unique and great. I would tell the person to take on new projects and learn new things; don’t be afraid to say yes, it will enable you to learn new skills and grow your knowledge to become an expert in your field.

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About Chase:
Name: Chase Lamb
Title: Campaign Optimisation Manager
Education:  Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Temple University.
My favorite innovation: My favorite innovation is the Smart Phone. It allows us to stay connected with others around the world, increase productivity and allows you to complete almost any task remotely.