The Life at Essity blog is a global initiative with over 30 bloggers in 7 countries, that aims to give an insiders perspective of the company. Through colleagues’ own stories, we are able to answer the question: what is it really like to work at Essity? 

Life at Essity (formerly SCA), began in 2013 as an initiative led by former trainees within SCA Sweden. Today, the blog consists of employees from across the world with different educational backgrounds, roles and experiences. Each of the 7 countries has its own blog under the Life at Essity umbrella and is written in the local language. Life at Essity blog gives a place for our employees to express their experience, opinions and insights as they go through daily working life. The bloggers are encouraged to speak genuinely and openly about their experiences with Essity, providing a genuine, personal and transparent portrait of Essity. 

Hanna Svensson, Global Product Developer and blogger for Life at Essity Sweden, appreciates the impact the blog has, not only for readers outside the company, but those who work for Essity as well. “I think the blog is a great thing! For internal readers, it spreads awareness of departments and roles within the company as well as lets people know about different initiatives the company has going on (for example, the exhibition at Fotografiska museum in Stockholm). For external readers, it gives an insight into the amazing atmosphere we have at Essity as well as creates curiousness about who we are and what we do,” Hanna shared.

 But it’s not just down to the bloggers. Each of our bloggers has a blog manager, who guides and supports in this process. Blogging is completely voluntary as we want our bloggers to feel they have the freedom to discuss matters that are important to them. By facilitating this freedom, the blog managers hope to encourage a dialogue between current and potential employees in a positive way. However, it’s not just us as readers that benefit from the blogs.  

“I found blogging surprisingly useful in my day to day working life. It allows me to put my thoughts onto paper, reflect on it and get a much clearer perspective of what I am doing; and coupled with reading my blogging counterparts it helps me understand how we fit into the wider world of Essity,” shared Hannah McGrail UK Assistant Retail Brand Manager. Hannah has been blogging in the UK for the past 2 years. 

The Life at Essity blog aims to serve as an inspiration, both internally and externally. The blog gives those who are looking for a job at Essity a unique insight into our employees’ daily lives and a chance for those who wish to engage with us further, and opportunity to connect.

Our employees’ perspectives are very important but we also really value your input. Follow and engage with the bloggers and join our journey.  Visit and follow at