In place since 2004, the Code of Conduct is inspired by Essity's core values of respect, excellence and responsibility. Aligned with universal standards of business conduct as defined by the International Bill of Human Rights, ILO Core Conventions and OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the Code serves as a compass on individual and collective behaviour when employees are making business decisions or are faced with ethical dilemmas. The Code provides guidelines for Essity and its employees regarding business practiceshealth and safety, employee relationshuman rights, nature and community.


  • We will maintain compliance with our Code of Conduct. All employees will receive regular training in the Code.

  • We evaluate all our supply streams from a total risk perspective. By 2020, we aim to source 100% of our procurement spend from suppliers committed to the criteria specified in our Global Supplier Standard.

Choosing the right partners

The more we grow at global level, the more important it becomes for the Group to review its global and local / all suppliers and choose responsible business partners. The aim is to identify risks and develop the social and environmental performance of suppliers.

Our objectives are to drive shared values and priorities throughout the supply chain in line with our Global Supplier Standard. During the year, a risk analysis was carried out with a focus on handling recovered fiber, which resulted in the introduction of a recognition program for suppliers in Mexico.