Way forward

We focus on resource efficiency in our manufacturing and in product solutions to consumers and customers (energy efficiency, materials optimizations and smarter product design)
We will continue to develop and deliver on targets for the future.
We have committed to develop Science Based Targets.
We will also support and contribute to international commitments and agreements (i.e. Paris agreement) as well as national and local initiatives
And we´ll continuously be reducing carbon footprint on products and services - measured with Life Cycle Assessment


  • Outcome 2005-2017: C02 emissions in relation to the production level declined by 17.9%.
  • In 2017, a number of ESAVE projects were implemented, resulting in a 0.4% (0.9) year-on-year reduction in energy used per ton of product produced. The accumulated energy savings in the 2010–2017 period amounted to 9.4%, corresponding to a 1.2 TWh reduction in energy consumption.

Essity´s Climate & Energy target:

  • We will reduce CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and from purchased electricity and heating by 20% by 2020, with 2005 as reference year.
  • Since 2003, Essity’s ESAVE energy-efficiency program has contributed to energy savings and improved efficiency in all operative business units. In 2010, Essity adopted a target for ESAVE: to reduce energy consumption per ton of product produced by 14% by 2020.