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From November 8 until January 21 Fotografiska museum in Stockholm will feature the exhibition Hygiene – A Circle of Life. The exhibition is part of a long-term partnership between Essity and Fotografiska, which aims to highlight how hygiene and health affect people’s well-being, and to make the challenges and taboos surrounding hygiene and health more visible.

The exhibition focuses on the fact that no matter where you are in your life, your health depends on hygiene – your own personal hygiene, and that of others. In addition to being critical for survival, hygiene also plays a key role in socio-economic development. But many taboos, traditions and myths stand in the way of this crucial development.
This is the first of three exhibitions to be shown over a three-year period. The partnership is in line with Essity’s focus on hygiene, health and well-being and the Hygiene Matters initiative, as well as the museum’s “Fotografiska for Life” platform, which aims to highlight challenges for people and society all around the world. Through this partnership, we hope to reach a broader group and contribute to a global dialog on raised awareness and progress in matters related to hygiene, health and well-being.