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Essity’s overall objectives are to:

  • Generate increased shareholder value through profitable growth
  • Enable more people every day to enjoy a fuller life
  • Contribute to a sustainable and circular society
  • Enable our employees to realize their full potential, as part of one winning team

Annual Organic Sales Growth1

Above 3% 

Adjusted Return on Capital Employed2

Above 15% 

Capital Structure Policy

To have an effective capital structure at the same time that the long-term access to debt financing is ensured. Cash flow in relation to net debt shall take into account the target to maintain a solid investment grade rating

Dividend Policy 

Aims to provide long-term stable and rising dividends to its shareholders. When cash flow from current operations exceeds what the company can invest in profitable expansion over the long-term – and under the condition that the capital structure target is met – the surplus shall be distributed to the shareholders

1 Excluding exchange rate effects, acquisitions and divestments.

2 Adjusted return on capital employed is accumulated return on capital employed and is calculated as 12-month rolling operating profit before amortization of acquisition-related intangible assets/EBITA, excluding items affecting comparability, as a percentage of average capital employed for the five most recent quarters.


Essity’s people targets relate to:

  • People & Nature innovations
  • Hygiene solutions
  • Code of Conduct
  • Employee health & safety
  • -


Essity’s nature targets focus on:

  • Climate & energy
  • Water
  • Fiber sourcing
  • Waste