The challenge

It can be difficult to motivate yourself to clean your home. In the same way it can be difficult to motivate professional cleaning personal and other personal working with food and healthcare to do put enough effort in cleaning and sanitizing. In particular if no or only small differences can be seen by the naked eye!

If the cleaning result can be more visual and if you easily can see the difference between good and poor cleaning – of course we would all do a better job!

What do we want?

We want an easy technique to visualize a cleaning result! It should be possible to use in food production environments but also in health care. Preferably it can be used without adding any indicator substances to the environment before cleaning but it is not excluded if the substances are harmless.

If microorganisms could be visualized and seen directly with the naked eye it would be great! It could be total amount of microorganisms, bacteria, yeast and mold or specific unwanted pathogens. We know that this is desired by so many but very difficult and we have not yet seen any technique that can do this. For this reason we are also interested in solutions in which a surface is swabbed or wiped and microorganisms then are visualized on the swab or wipe. We are also interested in solutions that visualize other contaminating agents beside microorganisms if they are relevant for cleaning.

We are familiar with ATP measurements and swabs for visualizing proteins. We have also experience with UV-light for a very general visualization of stains and contamination.

We are open to different kinds of collaboration and solutions. But any solution must meet some key requirements:

  • It must have IP protection (patent- or design patent application).
  • Chemical components must be registered in REACH if required.

If you have a technology or a product that could help meet this challenge, please visit our submission portal