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Secure hand hygiene by other means than water, soaps, alcohols and high velocity media streams

The challenge:

Hand contact and hand use are important transfer ways via which bacteria's, germs or viruses can enter the human body. Especially in urban areas with high population density, or geographical regions with water shortage, optimal hand hygiene can reduce risk of infection and hence increase quality of life. Our aim is to provide solutions that solve the different problems connected with hand use in daily life and contribute by this to an healthier environment and better living.

One way of doing this is to suggest and facilitate new ways to clean the hands. Ideally this should reduce the necessity of having certain amounts of water and soap available or even make them obsolete. Cleaning with wet wipes under the use of containing alcohols and similar are considered as known solutions and we are looking beyond this. Solutions where hands stay clean longer after a given cleaning procedure are as well also of interest.

A successful solution would make a significant difference to the lives of many people in the world.

What do we want?

To meet our challenge we are interested in solutions and technologies that are:

  • Able to clean hands by means beyond the known routines of washing, air-drying & disinfection.
  • Solutions which keep hands clean longer.
  • It must be safe and suitable for skin contact
  • Sustainable from a product safety  and environmental point of view
  • Cost effective

We are open to different kinds of collaboration and solutions in different stages. But any solution must meet some key requirements:

  • It must  have IP protection (patent- or design patent application).

If you have a technology or a product that could help meet this challenge, please visit our submission portal