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Antimicrobial active ingredients. Make hand cleaning better

The challenge:

Hygiene conscious customers would like to have antimicrobial hand and body cleaning products for situations when soap and water are not good enough. Many of these products today contain quaternary ammonium compounds as the active ingredient. We would like to be able to offer our customers more choices in the area of alcohol-free soaps, sanitizers and wipes. We are looking for an alternative active ingredient which would have significant advantages over quaternary ammonium compounds in at least one of the following areas: environment (particularly persistence in the environment and toxicity to water-living organisms), effect on human health, and/or efficacy (either in spectrum of activity or in time of action).

The ingredient must not be a halogenated compound and must not contain heavy metals such as silver or copper.

What do we want?

To meet our challenge we are interested in ingredients or mixtures that are:

  • Safe and gentle on the skin
  • Have proven efficacy data as measured by an appropriate international standard method

We are open to different kinds of collaboration and solutions in different stages. But any solution must meet some key requirements:

  • It must have IP protection (patent- or design patent application).
  • Chemical components must be registered in REACH if required 

If you have a technology or a product that could help meet this challenge, please visit our submission portal