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Technologies, products or other solutions that can provide odor control in products and handling of products

Control the odor and help secure dignity and discretion

The challenge:

A lot of elderly are nowadays cared for at home and in many cases this also includes managing incontinence.

Our aim is to provide solutions that solve the different problems connected with incontinence management take some burden off the caregivers and keep the dignity of the elderly. One way of doing this is to take care of malodors that may arise in connection to incontinence. These odors are caused by a variety of odorants, some of which originate from the excreted urine itself, and others from the natural processes that occur when urine gets in contact with air, bacteria etc.

We are constantly looking for solutions that either take care of existing odor, or that prevent generation of new odors. We would be happy to explore solutions targeting e.g. the absorbent product itself, handling of the products (from putting on the product to storing and taking care of the used products) or the ambient air.

A successful solution would make a significant difference to the lives of the elderly and their caregivers.

What do we want?

To meet our challenge we are interested in solutions and technologies that are able to prevent odor from being created or to remove malodorous compounds, without releasing a perfume scent. The solutions should be:

  • cost effective
  • safe and suitable for skin contact
  • sustainable from a product safety and environmental point of view. E.g. the solution should not contain the metals silver or copper.

We are open to different kinds of collaboration and solutions. But any solution must meet some key requirements:

  • It must have IP protection (patent- or design patent application).
  • Chemical components must be registered in REACH if required.

If you have a technology or a product that could help meet this challenge, please visit our submission portal