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Essity offers a broad range of incontinence products under the globally leading brand TENA. Essity’s offering, including both products and services, improves the quality of life for consumers. They reduce costs for institutional customers, such as nursing homes.

Essity’s offering also includes an assortment of skincare products, wet wipes and wash gloves. Through TENA Solutions, Essity helps nursing homes provide the best care by offering procedures, analysis tools and training. The advantages include improved well-being for the care recipients, a better workplace environment for the caregivers, less resource consumption and lower overall costs. Essity is the global market leader within the market for incontinence products with a global market share two times larger than the second largest player. Essity is the market leader in Europe, Asia (excluding Japan) and Latin America, and holds the number three position in Asia (including Japan).


Essity is prioritizing activities to strengthen TENA’s global market-leading position by driving profitable growth and expanding at a faster rate than the market. Growth is expected to be achieved through increasing market shares and penetration and by broadening the customer offering by increasing sales in such segments as skincare products and wet wipes. Innovation activities are important and involve understanding customer and consumer needs in order to continuously enhance products and services and develop the offering to further increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

In North America, the situation for Essity’s TENA brand has been more challenging and the priority has been to achieve satisfactory profitability ahead of sales growth. Actions have been taken to reduce costs, discontinue unprofitable products and focus on fewer but more profitable products. For example, TENA Overnight Underwear was launched in North America in 2016.

Since incontinence is surrounded by social taboos in many regions of the world, Essity believes it is important to raise understanding and acceptance of the condition to enhance the quality of life for people suffering from incontinence. Essity does this by:

  • Working actively to break the taboos surrounding incontinence and continuing to invest to increase market penetration by providing information and through marketing activities, training and global forums. Focusing in the retail trade on information, advertising and the development of increasingly discreet, comfortable, easy-to-use and effective products, always with customer and consumer benefits in mind.
  • Arranging seminars and educational programs for nurses and professional caregivers within the scope of the health and medical care systems in various countries.
  • Working with decision-makers and governments in different countries to help establish sustainable reimbursement systems.