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Sustainable consumer tissue production for the betterment of our society and natural environment requires that we, as an industry, approach innovation with a more holistic view of our planet’s resources in relation to waste. It also presents an exciting opportunity to develop new solutions to problems that have remained unchanged for decades – such as the humble toilet roll.

59% less waste

We achieve this by striving to achieve more from less. This includes innovation efforts to make tissue and absorbency products smaller and thinner. In the case of our coreless toilet rolls for homes from Zewa and Lotus, we have managed to create a product that produces 59% less waste from packaging, whilst containing double the length of tissue within one roll. The benefits of this development also allow for greater optimization of transport, storage and supermarket shelf space.


Our approach to innovation aims to create value for both people and nature. Our innovations are based on understanding consumer and customer needs while delivering better, safer and more environmentally sound solutions. This helps Essity contribute to a sustainable and circular society.


Coreless toilet paper

Lotus Moltonel Sans Tube and Zewa Smart is Essity’s first coreless toilet paper on the market in Germany and France. Coreless toilet paper is a complement to our current portfolio and is based on a breakthrough technology. We will continue to evaluate using this technology in other product categories and bathroom tissue segments.

Learn more about Zewa

Learn more about Lotus


This is a significant component of our broader contribution to Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production. Through our partnerships with organizations like the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Essity is committed to working toward 100% recyclability of the company’s packaging by 2025.


Tork Coreless

Tork Coreless eliminates the unnecessary; no wraps, no waste, no plugs and no cores means less to deal with.

Sourcing certified fiber

In 2018, Essity updated its sourcing policy for fresh fiber and strengthened its targets. Our target is for our fiber supply to be fully FSC® or PEFC™ certified. Around 40% of all fibers used in our tissue products globally come from recycled paper. Essity invests in technology to allow the use of a broader range of paper grades for recycling. In doing so, we extend the types of recycled materials that can be used while meeting the stringent quality requirements of our consumers and customers.