Information about Good Hygiene Contributes to the Development of Young Girls



Entering puberty is no picnic and this phase for an adolescent girl brings about new questions when her body – and emotional state – changes. This time in a girl’s life can be even more challenging when she has not been informed about menstruation and proper intimate hygiene.

The future and possibilities for adolescent girls to develop and live their lives to the fullest, is often dependent on access to, and information about, good hygiene. Essity partners Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) and UN Women have conducted several recent global studies on menstruation practices and behaviors. The findings of these studies echo concerns from many countries around the world. A first, and very critical, problem is limited or incorrect knowledge and information. Many girls do not understand what is happening when they start menstruating and have limited knowledge on biological processes.

Through common advocacy and education initiatives, Essity is a voice for menstruation education, hygiene, health and well-being. The company supports a number of programs for girls regarding menstruation and physical development in regions around the world, such as South America, Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Europe, among others. The programs are linked to Essity’s brands, including Libresse and Saba, and were created as a foundation for long-term educational efforts and real, measurable effects. 

  • Libresse: Essity’s Libresse School Program informs Russian schoolgirls about the physiological and emotional changes that girls experience during puberty and shows the positive connection between hygiene, the right sanitary products and a good lifestyle. Hundreds of thousands of girls have benefitted from the program since its launch in 2006.


  • Saba: With the objective to educate and provide relevant information to young girls regarding their period and the changes they experience during adolescence, Saba conducts a yearly school program tour to give an interactive conference and experience to teenage girls from 9-13 years old to explain everything they need to know about this new stage in their lives.

Build Supportive Environments

In addition to educating girls about their periods, it is important to inform their families, teachers and communities about the topic to dispel mistaken beliefs and to help build a supportive environment where menstruation can be discussed openly without embarrassment and stigma.

When girls are educated about their periods and encouraged to manage their menstruation without shame, they’re more confident in their bodies and its changes. And the more females are informed and empowered to discuss menstruation early on, barriers are removed for future development and positive change will occur in communities around the world.