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As part of our Essentials Initiative, we aim to increase hygiene standards globally by creating awareness around significant hygiene and health events.

These events not only bring awareness to our hygiene initiatives, but also, provide opportunities for the collaboration of hygiene experts with men, women and children from all walks of life, to improve everyday hygiene and health.


Global Handwashing Day

An initiative which focused on the importance of hand hygiene and its impact and consequences


World Continence Week

Through sparking discussions and innovation, improved continence care can reduce the caregiver’s burden and re-establish affected individuals as active members of society.


World Hand Hygiene Day

Promote the fight against healthcare associated infections by practicing good hand hygiene, which reduces the need for antibiotics


Menstrual Hygiene Day

We want to break down the taboos and stereotypes surrounding menstruation by removing the menstruation stigmas and replacing advocacy with action.