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Essentials Initiative


Stories & Videos

We have launched several campaigns with stories and videos to create awareness about the importance of hygiene and health.


Power of Hands

The human hand is one of our most important tools for hygiene and health.


Global Handwashing Day

An initiative which focused on the importance of hand hygiene and its impact and consequences


World Hand Hygiene Day

Promote the fight against healthcare associated infections by practicing good hand hygiene, which reduces the need for antibiotics


Hand to Hand

Paul Hansen, Fotografiska and Essity exhibition on hygiene and sanitation.


Participation for Progress

Investing in hygiene and health, means investing in social progress.

By investing in hygiene and health, we not only consider equality and human dignity, we also invest in social progress.

Slices of Life

Overcoming hygiene barriers in everyday lives to live life to the fullest.


“Hygiene - A Circle of Life”

Essity and Fotografiska exhibition on personal hygiene stories by people.

Essity and Fotografiska have a 3-year agreement with the purpose of highlighting how hygiene and health play an essential role in improving people’s well-being through artistic photo exhibitions.