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At Essity, diversity is central to the Group's success, enabling us to attract the most competent individuals, stimulate continued innovation and meet the needs of various markets, customers and consumers.

We want to be champions of equality, because our culture depends on progressive thinking with an emphasis on growing stronger together. We believe diversity is central to our success. We also feel diversity fosters innovation, creativity and profitability. At Essity, all co-workers should be treated with dignity and respect and be offered an opportunity to develop in their career. We believe differences contribute to success and strive to achieve diversity in terms of nationality and gender, as well as expertise and personality.

Essity's Personnel data

Average number of employees47 22246 38542 149
    of whom women, %343432
Number of employees who joined the Group during the period6 98113 5858 150
    of whom, through acquisitions365 518 
Number of employees who left the Group during the period7 8157 3215 994
    of which restructuring544584262
    of which retirement383418304
Personnel turnover, excl. restructuring, retirement, %151413
Personnel turnover, excl. restructuring, retirements, temporary employees, %13
    of which wholly owned companies5
Women, of total number of Board members and senior executives, %394242
Women, of total number of Board members (excl. members appointed by the employees) and senior executives, %454843
Women in executive management, %253633
Nationalities, senior management1), number171821
Nationalities, senior and middle management1), number393632
Female managers, senior management1), %262725
Female managers, senior and middle management1), %272327
Age distribution, %   
Employees under 20 years of age, %111
21–30 years212224
31–40 years333332
41–50 years252525
51–60 years171616
Employees over 60 years of age, %332

Investments in skills-enhancement activities   
    total, SEKm141152141
    per employee, SEK3 0003 3003 400
Value added per employee661666613
Return on human capital1,501,591,50
Proportion of university graduates, %232222