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Man and woman in workplace using products

Wherever there is a need for wiping, drying, cleaning or polishing, there is a solution branded Tork. A solution that improves hygiene and makes cleaning more efficient. That saves time, money and trouble for customers. And that adds to users’ well-being, comfort and peace-of-mind.

Tork Solutions

The new connected way to improve efficiency, hospitality and communications, through intelligent washrooms, using the Internet of Things.

  • Intelligence transforms washroom maintenance
    The Internet of Things has arrived in the washroom, through Tork connected washroom innovation
  • Real business benefits delivered
    Powerful data based insights lead to action for greater efficiency and hospitality
  • Enhanced customer experience
    Smart washrooms are always clean, fresh and at their best for greater satisfaction

Meet the intelligent washroom system

The products

Essity offers Tork hand towels, toilet paper, skin care products, air refresheners, facial tissue, bins, wipers, wet wipes, kitchen rolls, napkins and other hygiene products for washrooms, wash stations, healthcare areas, food and beverage handling, food preparation, manufacturing and maintenance.

The products are available on three quality levels: Premium, advanced and universal.

Where to buy

Tork products are currently sold through Essity or retailers in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, South America and Africa.

In South America and the Caribbean Tork hygiene solutions are also available under the brand Familia. In China Essity offers professional hygiene solutions under the brand Vinda.